PWD’s Business in a Box


It’s all in a name. The business in a box is a downloadable instant treasure to any start-up business, or business looking to grow. We address the basics operations, marketing, and sales and give you two life-changing business books Eat that Frog and Who Moved My Cheese. In the operations there is the following, business plan templates, articles of incorporation, employee handbook template, operational tools for every business, tips and trick, ultimate business checklist, free logo generators, basics on business credits, how to avoid fraud, sales contract templates, vendor agreement templates, business expenditure excel templates and even program design and by templates for nonprofits.  To address your market needs we give you an assortment of marketing plans, contest outlines, elements of winning ad templates, and over 100 inspiring ideas of how to market your business with little to no budget. No business would be complete without sales. So we included sales projection templates but also a way to improve your sales skills. We start with business communication 101. There are even pieces of training on how to close a sale, how to pitch to investors, and the psychology of selling to other businesses by their business model. This box is jammed packed with everything you need to succeed and grow your revenue. This is a great place to start with information proven to work in the leading industries. Each box comes with a free consultation on how to take things up a notch in your specific business.



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